Mirror of Awkandsed

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In Sharon's dream world of Harry Barker, the Mirror of Awkandsed is a very powerful file server. It consists of a large cabinet of rack-mounted servers approximately six feet tall and four feet wide, as well as a large flat-screen monitor with a highly reflective screen. Unless the user is standing squarely in front of the screen and looking directly into its surface, the screen appears to be powered off with no visible output. However, when the user looks directly into the screen, he or she will see exactly what they most desire, seemingly reflected in front of, beside, or behind the user. According to Professor Dumpingcore, however, the only way to actually retrieve an item the Mirror's disks is to not really want the item... which makes it rather pointless as a file server.

This does, however, make it an interesting security mechanism; Prof. Dumpingcore used the Mirror to hide the Napier's Bones from Gnawthrylilees and his servant Prof. Quux. Harry was able to retrieve the Bones from the Mirror (because he didn't actually want the bones, but wanted to prevent Gnawthrylilees from obtaining them) and destroy the Bones before they fell into the Black Hats' hands.

For fans of Harry Potter, the Mirror of Awkandsed would be roughly equivalent to the Mirror of Erised.

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