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The Gamester and Mischief
The Gamester and Mischief

Vital Statistics

First Appearance: Interlude: Trudy's Phone Call (June 26, 2000)

Full Name: Mischief

Known Aliases: Miss Mischief, "Misty"

Status: Alive

Species: Extradimensional entity (generally appears human)

Gender: Neuter, although she assumes a female personae

Height: Variable, although she usually appears around 5' 6" (167.64 cm)

Weight: Unknown

Hair: Black, although she could in theory change it to any color she chooses

Distinguishing Characteristics: Exuberant personality, insatiable curiosity, propensity for mischief, violet eyes

Marital Status: Unknown

Character Description

Mischief is a mysterious, seemingly omnipotent, non-corporal extradimensional entity that exists the outside the confines of time and space as we understand them. While her true appearance is unknown (as well as whether or not she actually has a true appearance), she usually manifests herself as a young human woman with black hair and violet eyes. She usually sports a black bodysuit, gloves, and boots. She has a wildly excitable personality and a rabid fascination with mortal cultures, as well as a tendency to use (and frequently abuse) human phrases and idioms.

We know very little about Mischief, but small clues as to her part in the GPF multiverse have been revealed over time. Apparently, she is a sort of interdimensional guardian or "system administrator of the Cosmos", protecting and managing an infinite number of alternate realities seemingly connected to each other via a cosmic "web of possibility". She is specifically charged by unknown higher powers (presumably the "Interdimensional Council") to prevent spacial anomalies and temporal paradoxes. Since her mentor, the Gamester, as repeatedly claimed they only get "the problem dimensions", it may be safe to assume that the reason they monitor the GPF universe so closely is because it has proved particularly difficult to maintain.

Mischief is the sole apprentice to the Gamester, the guardian of the particular sliver of the Cosmos that contains the GPF universe. Since Mischief tends to live up to her name far too often for the Gamester's tastes, it has been implied that she may have been assigned to him as a form of punishment, perhaps for both of them. Perhaps she was matched to him because her unpredictability shadows his own tendency to flaunt rules and regulations when deemed necessary.

The Gamester and Mischief watched very carefully as the diabolical events of Surreptitious Machinations unfolded, and seemed somewhat pleased with the results. During To Thine Own Self..., they took a more active role by directly inserting Nick and Ki's future son Todd into the alternate universe where they were trapped as a distraction to provide Todd's parents an opportunity to escape. During the climax, the Gamester stepped into the "negaverse" himself to confront the evil entity Pandemonium face-to-face. The pair apparently mutually annihilated each other, leaving little or no trace of their existences. Mischief attempted to resurrect the Gamester by putting what she thought were his remains in a protoverse in the Celestial Nursery, only to discover the remains belonged to Pandemonium instead. Pandemonium then attacked Mischief, leaving her to wink in and out of existence.

Todd managed to rescue Mischief by placing her into a protoverse, just as they had done inadvertently with Pandemonium. Mischief was restored, but only partially, and seemingly without her powers or memories. The pair escaped the crumbling Celestial Nursery to find themselves in what seemed to be a contemporary period in the GPF universe. They laid low for a short while, living as human "siblings" sharing an apartment and working blue-collar jobs, during which time "Misty" struggled with her identity and with conforming to an alien world. Eventually, Mischief was struck by a truck and mortally wounded. After she succumbed to her injuries and appeared to die, she was revived back into her fully restored semi-omnipotent form. Her "human" form served as a "chrysalis", enabling her to continue regenerating from Pandemonium's attack. Her "death" was the final catalyst to restore her back to her original form. She apparently has no memories of what happened during her brief period of mortality.

Presently, Mischief has been hard at work reversing the damaged caused by Pandemonium's "rampage" through the Cosmos. While the task has been difficult, she has been holding up well, freeing up the weakened Gamester to investigate other mysteries...

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Miscellaneous Notes

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Mischief is featured prominently in the out-of-archive special bonus story, Mischief's Night Out.