Newton Laboratories

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First Appearance: Prof. Wisebottom's Time Machine (November 16, 1999)

Very little is known about Newton Laboratories. We know for a fact that it is the (now former) employer of one Dr. Otto Wisebottom, Nick's crackpot inventor uncle. It is also apparently a nexus of high-tech research and development, either directly or indirectly providing funding for some of Wisebottom's more eccentric projects, such as his time machine and virtual reality fractal explorer. In addition to technology, the company apparently performs detailed biological testing; Wisebottom revealed at one point that Fred was subjected to testing at their Springfield campus as part of a forensic investigation. The only other known campus is the one in GPF Software's home town, which is apparently the firm's "south campus". The same sign implies that the company is "a division of" some other firm, but that parent company has yet to be revealed.

Known Employees of Newton Laboratories