Olympians, The

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First Mention: "Mischief's Night Out" (Page 3)

First Mention (Main Archive): To Thine Own Self...: Chapter Eight (February 11, 2008)

According to Mischief, the Olympians were a group of extradimensional entities who eventually became the basis for ancient Greek mythology. Supposedly, this group's interference with the mortal realms was so broad and significant that a full erasure from time and space was deemed impossible. As such, the Interdimensional Council allowed their exploits to be remembered as legend and myth, preserving the disruption's influence enough to prevent a total cosmic collapse but allowing most mortals to dismiss their exploits as fanciful stories. The fate of the Olympians is currently unknown, but given the severity imposed on deliberate external manipulations of time and space, it is unlikely that they went unpunished for their crimes.