Randi the Wonder Kitty

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Randi the Wonder Kitty

Vital Statistics

First Appearance: Friendly Espionage (January 29, 2000)

Full Name: Randi the Wonder Kitty

Known Aliases: None

Status: Alive

Species: Felis catus

Gender: Female

Height: 9" (22.86 cm)

Weight: 9 lb (4.08 kg)

Hair: White

Distinguishing Characteristics: Frequently purrs

Marital Status: Single (likely spayed)

Character Description

Randi the Wonder Kitty is Ki's pet cat. Or rather Ki is Randi's pet human, whichever way you want to look at it. (Most cat owners out there would understand what I mean.) While Ki goes to work, travels through time, hops across dimensions, or otherwise has exciting adventures, Randi is usually at home doing what cats typically tend to do: eat, sleep, go to the litter box, and occasionally converse with extra-dimensional beings. She completely rules the roost, so to speak, and always prefers to have her way. But when Ki needs encouragement or just a fuzzy head to scratch, Randi will recognize her feline duty and promptly volunteer. Fortunately for Nick, Randi has adopted him as part of her pride, which will certainly make things easier on the human pair now that they're married.

Selected Milestones


  • Ki Wellington, Randi's owner (or pet, depending on your point of view)

Group Affiliations

  • None

Miscellaneous Notes

The cartoon Randi is based loosely on the real life Randi the Wonder Kitty, who was Jeff's wife's pet when the two were married. For simplicity (or simply because Jeff is lazy), the real Randi's tortoise shell coloration was simplified to straight white for the comic. The real Randi passed away in December of 2010 after a long decline due to diabetes and eventual congestive heart failure.