Regional Telecom

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Regional Telecom is a small regional telecommunications company with headquarters in the same city as GPF Software. Dwayne arranged for Fooker to work at Regional as an interim system administrator after his retirement from the U.G.A. until Dwayne could secure the funding to expand staffing with new projects and bring Fooker back full time. It was at Regional that Fooker first encountered Tim and Patty, who were also working there as independent contractors, as well as meeting Scott once more, although Fooker didn't recognize him. Scott and Tim, still the acting heads of one faction of the now splintered Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair, subjected Fooker to various tests to see if he was "the One" while all three were still working at Regional.

Dwayne's friend Miguel Rodriguez is head of I/T at Regional Telecom. He was responsible for interviewing and hiring Fooker during his contract.