Thirteenth Dimension of the Infinite Rotunda of Eternity

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The Thirteenth Dimension of the Infinite Rotunda of Eternity is the reported home of the Gamester, the extradimensional entity responsible for governing the portion of the Cosmos in which the GPF universe resides. Very little is known about this location aside from the fact that it supposedly exists outside the mortal concepts of time and space and therefore cannot be reached by any conventional means. It is often depicted in the comic as a stark, Spartan, dark emptiness filled only with what is required to be present. Glowing spheres representing individual universes float into and out of this void as necessary, and occasionally a single large sphere that acts as a display device appears embedded half-way into the nondescript floor.

Mischief and presumably Todd also reside here, and other mortals have been seen occasionally visiting here, pulled from their home universes for whatever purposes that only the Gamester knows.