Valerie Smith

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Valerie Smith

Vital Statistics

First Appearance: shadowCoin (October 4, 2017)

Full Name: Valerie Pamela Smith

Known Aliases: "Val"

Status: Alive

Species: Felis sapiens

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 5" (165.1 cm)

Weight: 110 lb (49.895 kg)

Fur: White

Hair: Blond

Distinguishing Characteristics: Talented computer hacker and programmer, master of several martial arts

Marital Status: Single

Original Comic: Jeff's self-titled, as yet unpublished The Adventures of D.C. Smythe

Character Description

When Victor Brown sabotages Velociraptor, he strands Fooker, Sharon, Trudy, and Stewart Johnson in a parallel universe where they are all transformed into anthropomorphic "furry" animals. After the Gamester convinces D.C. Smythe to take the "cosmic refugees" under his wing, the British agent brings the group back to a temporary I.G.N.I.T.E. field office and introduces the group to his associate and frequent partner, Valerie Smith.

We know very little about Miss Smith yet, aside from her employment with the CIA and her affinity for technology.

Selected Milestones


  • Father, a U.S. Army captain, deceased
  • Mother, alive, living in San Francisco, California
  • Three older brothers, all members of the U.S. armed forces (Navy, Air Force, and Marines), alive

Group Affiliations

Miscellaneous Notes

Valerie started in Jeff's high school D.C. Smythe comics as a brief secondary co-star and potential love interest for Smythe in a series of stories from 1990. When Jeff later decided to retool the Smythe premise, he replaced Smythe's original assistant (a bungling male mouse mostly intended for comic relief) with Smith, in an effort to broaden the diversity of the cast and change the dynamic between Smythe and his partner. Valerie is a central figure within Jeff's overall "multiverse", and the Smythe series likely would have been his first published project if GPF hadn't accidentally come into existence.

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