William Wisebottom

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William Wisebottom. Art by Jim Alexander. Used with Permission.
William Wisebottom. Art by Jim Alexander. Used with Permission.

Vital Statistics

First Appearance: Things Former, Things Present (July 22, 2009)

Full Name: William Wisebottom

Known Aliases: Doctor Wisebottom, Will

Status: Presumably deceased

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 11" (180.34 cm)

Weight: 160 lb (72.57 kg)

Hair: Black, graying at temples

Distinguishing Characteristics: Mustache

Marital Status: Married

Character Description

One of the few glimpses we have into to Professor Wisebottom's past comes when time travelers Flavoura Filigree and Emily von Schnagel travel from 2002 first to 1945, then to 1948 New Mexico. Stranded for a short time when their craft is damaged, the pair find lodging at a boarding house only to discover that another family of tenants include the Wisebottoms. Father William is a civilian scientist working for the United States Army, often bringing home top secret research plans and showing them to his son, Otto, who in turn uses his gifted intelligence (bestowed upon him but the yet-undiscovered Inventor's Gene) to improve on the designs.

Because of the length of time between now and 1948, combined with the fact that Prof. Wisebottom has otherwise not mentioned his parents until now, it is safe to assume that the elder Dr. Wisebottom has been deceased for a significant number of years.

Selected Milestones

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Group Affiliations

  • During the events of "Things Former, Things Present", a civilian contractor scientist for the United States Army